Re: Can't decide on a class pet.... former RES turtle owner

    On 7/06/07, Angela wrote:
    > Hello! I had a red eared slider for 5 years, but sold it
    > to another teacher before I changed jobs. I loved it!!!
    > That was with 2nd grade. Now, I will be teaching K. I
    > want something that is different than the "typical" class
    > pet like a guinea pig or fish. I thought about a
    > hedgehog, but I am afraid of the spines. I would like
    > something low maintenance and, from what I can tell, the
    > best bet would be a beta, rat, or frogs. Any other
    > suggestions???? THanks!I'm a preK teacher and I've had good luck with gerbils. They
    like to live in same sex pairs. I have 2 females now and
    they are easy to care for and a lot of fun to watch.
    In my experience with this age group, a beta fish is not
    very interesting.
    Also make sure that you don't get an animal that is
    nocturnal (like a hamster) because they sleep when the
    children are there.
    good luck!