Re: FREE TO GOOD CLASS: Red Eared Slider
Melinda Wells

    Hello, I live in Oklawaha, Florida and would love to give your
    turtle a loving and forever home. I have a pond that is fenced
    and would be a perfect home for her. I have experience with
    turtles and can promise you she would have a great home.
    Shipping will not harm her, if she is not too long in the cold
    and is properly packed and shipped via next day air mail.
    Florida is warm all the time! If you still have her and are
    still looking for a home, please consider me. My email is Thanks so much! (Do not worry about
    idiots like the one below because they probably do not know
    anything about turtles anyway. I have a bachelor degree in
    biology and have raised them and you sound like a caring
    individual and dedicated and responsible owner.)
    On 12/02/07, J. wrote:
    > On 11/25/07, KK wrote:
    >> How could you even consider shipping a live animal? It's
    >> winter. Do you think cargo holds are heated or that the
    >> shipping container will not remain upright or get lost or
    >> become damaged ect..??? Would you ship one of your
    >> students? You need to live up to your responsibility.
    >> Having a pet requires a commitment for the ENTIRE life
    >> time of the animal. This is another reason why live
    >> animals do belong in the classroom--teaches the wrong
    >> lesson that animals are disposable.
    > KK I appreciate your concern for the turtle but I am not a
    > cruel person. I would not take chances with her life. I
    > have done a ton of research and am paying quite a bit to
    > ship her. I am doing this to ensure that she receives the
    > best life possible. The shipping company I am using is an
    > expert in shipping live animals. They ship everything from
    > Fish to Elephants for zoos. They use trained animal care
    > experts that know how to handle live animals during
    > transport.
    > I did not purchase the turtle as a class pet that I am now
    > dumping. My uncle had the turtle for the past eight years.
    > He passed away about two months ago in his will he left me
    > the turtle thinking I could use it as a class pet. As my
    > other posting stated however I cannot keep her. I have
    > attempted to place her locally but have had not luck (this
    > includes animal rescue organizations). If she cannot be
    > moved then she will have to be euthanized, something I am
    > desperately trying to avoid. I am sorry if the other
    > posting upset you, it was not my intention to get everyone
    > riled up about her. I was simply trying to find her a home.