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Does anyone have gerbils in their classroom? I am considering them for next year. I have read that they are more friendly than hamsters and don't bite. Also, that since they are desert animals, they don't drink as much or produce as much liquid waste as other rodents, therefore, you don't have to clean the litter as often. I would definitely get 2 females (don't need any babies). If you have gerbils, what is your set-up for housing?

Thanks, Sherie
Gerbil fan Sherie, I do love gerbils but I can't say they are the ideal classroom pet. They are extremely fast moving so not good to take out as they will make a break for it. Also you better ensure the enclosure is never left open by the kids. So they are not a pet to be handled that much...more one to be watched. They are very entertaining to watch however ...See More
Apr 15, 2009

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