Re: Cost of living
ASD teacher

    If you teach in the bush, most likely you will have a roommate and your housing will be provided
    for you. You will need to supply all the housewares (as you would in any typical furnished rental)
    This can be quite spendy to ship up. I don't know if all districts do it the same way, but my rent
    was taken from my monthly check (which included all the utility costs). Some of the rent may be
    tax deductible - you will have to ask your tax professional. In most villages you won't have a
    vehicle, but many teachers end up purchasing ATV's or snowmachines. If you are in a village
    where you have a vehicle, you will be paying to ship it there, and your fuel costs will be much
    higher. If you don't like WalMart now, you will probably love it if you live in the bush. If you
    make a trip to Anchorage, you fill your cart or carts, take them to the Bush Order counter, fill out a
    paper, and they COD with a minimal processing charge. No boxing things up and hauling them to
    the post office on your own (way cheaper than flying them with you). Village planes will weigh you
    and your stuff. If your things are too heavy, you pay a lot to get them on board with you. If you live on the road system, the teaching conditions and lifestyle will be similar to other places
    in the Lower 48, with the cost of living being higher than many other states. You can always look
    at for rentals and houses for sale to get an idea of what you might pay.