Re: teacher's salary in alaska public schools

    Sorry to say this, but I noticed two grammar mistakes in your post, so far. Please
    proof read what you write. I see this all the time in what my children's teachers
    send home. It reflects poorly on the profession.
    Good luck.
    On 9/24/06, kate/3rd/fla wrote:
    > On 10/10/05, lori wrote:
    >> I am acertified teacher for life in Texas. My
    >> certification is from first gade to 12 grade. I have
    >> teaching experience in high school math and an experienced
    >> teacher in fifth grade. My number of years of teaching is
    >> 13 and now I am on my 14th year. What would be my
    >> teacher's salary in Alaska?
    > Here is a link that tells the median state salaries for
    > public school teachers in every state. Click on the state of
    > Alaska and you'll see more detail.
    > Starting salary for **beginning** teachers in Alaska is $40k
    > so you would probably do well with your experience. Good
    > luck!