Re: teacher's salary in alaska public schools

    Oh, I didn't realize that. Thank you for clarifying that.On 9/30/06, AK teacher wrote:
    > On 9/29/06, kate/3rd/fla wrote:
    >> Wow, AK teacher... thank you for the update. It's nice to get
    >> the real story .... good luck with those negotiations!
    >> I have heard stories of $6 gallons of milk and gasoline prices
    >> through the roof so you guys definitely need salaries to match
    >> the cost of living!
    > Once again, you are hearing about Bush Alaska, here in the
    > area milk is about $3 - $3.50/gal, gas is currently around $2.80
    > unleaded regular. But overall our cost of living is higher than the
    > lower 48, even in the Anchorage area.