Re: Research on Anchorage SD
AK teacher

    On 6/26/07, Rob wrote:
    > I am doing some research on the Anchorage SD. I am coming
    > from Florida (don't worry, I like the cold much better :-)
    > ). Could anyone give me some general info about the
    > district, cost of living, housing opportunities...anything
    > that you could think of for someone who may relocate.
    > Thanks!!
    > The ASD has a very informative website. Follow the links to
    employment (side bar) and then Job Search so you can see what
    openings there currently are. Be aware that many will be
    filled "in house" but we always have openings just before and
    after school starts (but not in all certifications). If you
    click on Salary Schedules you can follow the links to our
    union (Anchorage Education Association) and see our newly
    ratified contract (through 2010). There are also links on the
    website to all schools so you can see what we have, and the
    employment page has a link (bottom right) for info on AK

    Also on the ASD's home page is a section called "general info"
    if you click on FAQ it takes you to a page where you can link
    to Municipality of Anchorage information and lots of other
    info. I think we have an outstanding website, and it's fairly
    easy to navigate. The link to "About ASD home" has good info
    and links. The "A word from the superintendent" link takes you
    to all kinds of links about the district and the surrounding

    The local paper is the Anchorage Daily News ( and
    their on-line version is good, too.

    What do you teach? Some areas are always in need of qualified
    teachers, that's pretty clear on the employment site but once
    school starts we sometimes need to add staff and the pool of
    qualified teachers is rather low these days. LOts of teachers
    get hired from Outside (that's what we call the rest of the
    country, or the Lower 48)

    Post again if you have any questions. This board doesn't move
    very fast, there are only a couple of regular posters from
    Alaska but we love our state and try to help.

    Anchorage School District