Student Achievement in CO vs. CA

    Part of the reason I'm posting on this chatboard is this:
    I'm tired of teaching kids who don't give a rat's patootie
    about their education. I teach in a large suburban
    district. Class sizes here are 35+. Do you know how much
    work that is for a teacher who actually gives a damn? (I'm
    sick for the FOURTH time this year, probably largely due
    to my 60+ hour weeks and 5-6 hours of sleep every night.)In my freshman classes, which are, thank god, capped at 20-
    1, over 1/3 of my students are failing. Class averages?
    The highest is 73%, the lowest is 64%.

    So, how do the kids in CO compare to my little apathetic
    angels in Orange County? (Oh, did I forget to mention I'm
    in one of the wealthiest places in the country? Oops.) Are
    the ones in the Denver suburbs (specifically Arvada,
    Broomfield, JeffCo) generally interested in performing
    well in school? How's parent involvement? Do kids
    generally care about school?

    Or is it just like it is here, e.g. when I assign homework
    half of them, on a good day, take a stab at it?

    Thanks for your help and insight. I appreciate it.