Re: Any former "Michiganders"

    I am sick of that attitude from my fellow Coloradoans. There is just
    as much influx from out-of-state people into several of the
    midwestern states (namely MN - which, in 2006, had a higher rate of
    people moving there from out of state than CO did). My husband is
    from MN and I love the friendly and welcoming attitude of people
    there! Seems we are lacking that here in Colorado with our "no
    vacancy" signs and too-good-for-everyone attitudes!Aside from that, I can't say I know the answer to your question since
    I have not had to go through that process. There is a great teaching
    program at the University of Colorado at Denver (the IPTE program),
    they may be able to answer your question.

    On 4/27/07, jcm wrote:
    > Sounds a bit judgmental
    > On 3/23/07, Spellcheck please wrote:
    >> On 3/12/07, hi wrote:
    >>> OK, maybe I'm opening a can of worms here but can you be a
    >>> little more specific why you "don't need any more
    >>> midwesterners here" ?
    >>> On 3/10/07, Stay in Michigan wrote:
    >>>> PLEASE. We don't need anymore midwestners here.
    >>>> On 1/23/07, Chris wrote:
    >>>>> Hello, I'm looking into moving to Colorado for teaching and
    >>>>> I wanted to know if there were any teachers on this board
    >>>>> who moved from Michigan. I'm from Michigan, so any info you
    >>>>> have about the process would be helpful. Did you have to
    >>>>> take the Praxis II (?). I'm doing my own research, but it's
    >>>>> always good to hear from people who went through it first
    >>>>> hand.
    >>>>> Thanks!
    >> I just think its funny that person doesn't know how to spell!