Re: Discouraged...
dog has bad ears

    Tammie,As I tell a lot of people - don't let other poster's bad
    experiences get you down. I moved here from out of state with 12
    years experience and had my choice of 2 jobs in Douglas County
    and I wasn't even Colorado certified yet.

    It just depends on timing, attitude, location and perseverence.
    Don't give up, think positive and do something that makes you
    stand out at interviews. Subbing will get your foot in the door
    but while subbing, be pro-active. Smile, laugh, participate,
    volunteer, go above and beyond. Let people know you would want to
    work there when an opportunity arises.

    Perhaps having a nursing background would help if applying for
    the office staff position as they often have to give meds, etc.
    Not sure if it'd be a plus for a teaching position. Other than
    knowing you have patience and used to being overworked and

    Don't worry about competing with 'experienced teachers'. I've
    heard the opposite about hiring only 'newbies' because they are

    Good luck!