Re: License Application Question

    Sounds like you are in a similar boat to me. I'm from out
    of state as well. Here's what I know. I was told by someone
    at Colo. dept. of ed. office that it could take up to 10
    weeks to process my app. BUT you need to have the
    fingerprint card on file at the Colo. Bureau of
    Investigation before they will completely process your
    application. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation takes
    about 6 weeks to process your fingerprints. SO, go on
    Colorado's dept of Ed. website, request a fingerprint card,
    get it done and send it in to the Colorado Bureau of
    Investigation asap. All of that info is on the application.
    :)On 2/25/07, CO TEACHER TO BE? wrote:
    > Hi,
    > Does anyone know how long it takes for the CO Offices to
    > complete a submitted application? I sent mine in almost 6
    > weeks ago and they cashed my check. How about the
    > fingerprint clearance? Do they actually mail you a card
    > like other states? Thanks!