Re: Looking for a private teacher to help homeschool
Trisha Butler

    On 2/26/07, Michelle wrote:
    > We have a 15yo son we will start homeschooling. Seeking
    > help 3 days/week while mom works and dad in college. Open
    > to teaching in our home or with another small group (as
    > long as able to be certified through state). Prefer to
    > incorporate Christian homeschool materials, but are open
    > as long as in line with Christian values.
    > Please email if interested:
    > Will be making a decision very soon.I would be interested in finding out if you already have a
    teacher for your homeschooled child. I homeschooled my son
    so I know exactly how to homeschool if you are interested.
    Please send me an email if you are interested. Trisha Butler