What's it like out there?

    I am looking to relocate to Colorado, from California, and
    I am trying to get a feel for the teaching environment, as
    well as the market. From the little web research that I
    have done, it doesn't look promisingCan anyone please help me with a dose of what the reality
    is like for teachers in Colorado? For instance, how do
    you pay your health insurance costs? From the district
    information that I have looked at, your insurance costs
    are quite high, to say the least. How many districts are
    using perfomance-based, or merit pay? Coming from CA,
    where that idea was recently shot down by voters, it
    appears that several districts are using it. How do you
    like it? Does it destroy the collaborative environment
    among teaching colleagues? I thank you all for your time,
    and for any tips or suggestions. Thank you.