Re: What's it like out there?

    Stay away from Denver Public Schools!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Like most urban school districts it is in meltdown mode. Our
    pay is low, medical benefits suck, we don't get cost of
    living, teacher morale is low, they are looking to close 17
    schools, our union is weak, the district refuses to purchase
    books and materials, (my History and Geography classes have
    no books), our retirement system is headed towards
    bankruptcy, many administrators are corrupt and nearly
    impossible to get rid of, students are getting harder and
    harder to teach and come in with even less basic skills than
    they did 5 years ago, my school has a 60% yearly teacher
    attrition rate,.......I could go on and onI regret working here. I have 15 years in and I am stuck
    because I would lose too much in retirement if I left now.