Re: elementary jobs in denver

    The Denver Public Schools does have a number of very good
    elementary schools, and are always willing to consider high
    caliber, enthusiastic candidates. The downside to DPS is a
    volatile political climate.Jefferson County is also looking for qualified, enthusiastic
    elementary teachers. It's a great place to work.

    I also recommend looking into Englewood and Littleton, which are
    both small districts, but in my experience have excellent
    elementary schools and a very positive environment.

    Aurora is also worth looking into.

    Douglas County offers a "presigious" place to work, but be aware
    that most of the elementary schools are on the "Track"
    (year-round) system. While you may have three weeks vacation after
    every nine weeks of teaching, you may have to move ALL of your
    materials in and out of your classroom before and after your track
    session, and most administrators will expect that you attend
    workshops, seminars, inservices, faculty meetings, etc. even
    during your vacation time. Also, Douglas County has an enormous
    surplus of applicants, so it is extremely difficult to get a job
    there if you do not know or are not related to someone who already
    works there. In fairness, I do know several teachers who are very
    pleased with their jobs in Douglas County, but unlike many other
    districts, Douglas County has shown no evidence that they ever
    consider hiring their subs; in fact, substituting is considered a
    profession for teachers who can't make it in a "real" job.

    On 4/27/07, Ooii wrote:
    > Which districts did you try in?
    > On 4/04/07, Just my experience... wrote:
    >> Last year, I tried from April to August to get an elementary
    >> teaching job (with a masters and a few years experience),
    >> but I had no luck finding a job. Few openings with lots of
    >> candidates was what I found....hopefully you'll have better
    >> luck!
    >> On 4/02/07, mandy wrote:
    >>> I currently teach in NYC. My husband and I are considering
    >>> relocating to denver. Wanted to know how easy it is to get
    >>> an elementary job, and how does the pay add up to the cost
    >>> of living. (know it is less than here, but it is very
    >>> expensive to live here as well.) Thanks for the info! :)