Relocation...teacher..daughter with DS
Linda Kranz

    To Whom It May Be In Consideration Of:My two daughter live in Colorado Springs. One is married
    and has a two year old, my grandson. The other just
    graduated from HS.

    My husband and I live in Florida. He is a Senior Systems
    Engineer, and I an elementary teacher. Our daughter is 8,
    and has been fully included, and presently in a varying
    exceptionality classroom and getting her supports through
    therapies and resource classrooms.

    We are looking a district 20 as the are for purchasing a

    What are the prospects for our daughter with Down Syndrome
    getting an education through inclusion in the district 20
    schools and participating in the community?

    What is the pay scale for a teacher with a public school
    scale step of 6? What are benefits like? What year are you
    fully vested for retirement? Florida is six.

    Anyone know of the Information Technology corporations
    developing out there?

    Anyone know of a family with a child with DS?

    Anone have any informatin that would be of help please

    Yours Truly,