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Re: Certification in Colorado

    I'll only add that it takes forever (I'm at week 11-1/2) to
    get your license from CDE...Be sure to get the name of the
    person you talk to if you call them. It used to be you
    could get a different answer from each new person you talked
    to but that was YEARs ago...
    On 7/19/07, LaConti wrote:
    > I am applying for certification in Colorado and I am not
    > sure how my certification will be handled. I am currently
    > certfied in Texas Early Childhood thru Fourth grade. When
    > I looked at Colorado certifications Early Childhood and
    > Elementary Education is broken up into two separated
    > certification areas. Can anyone tell me how does Colorado
    > handle this. I would not like to just be certified in
    > ECE. Thanks in advance.