What to do first? thinking about trying CO
NJ teacher

    I went through a 4 year teaching program and am certified
    in Elementary Education and Art K-12 in NJ. However, the
    state is oversaturated with teachers, one job I applied to
    had over 3,000 applicants :( So I've decided to start
    looking elsewheres, just not sure where to begin...I requested an application packet from the CDE site, should
    I wait for that and turn it in before looking for jobs?
    Here in NJ, we can apply to jobs before being totally
    certified and have an emergency certification or rushed
    certification. Usually this happens if you really luck out
    and get hired straight from graduation and your paperwork
    is still in process, it can take 6+ months for your cert to
    come in the mail.

    I'm not sure how it works in CO...any tips? Thanks in