Re: Need Advice-Floridian
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    Colorado Springs is a nice area. Beautiful scenery, too.
    Large enough to have a few different school districts. Sounds
    like you are wanting a change in life... how about moving to
    the mountain areas? Are you interested in outdooor stuff?
    Hiking? Snow skiing? Rafting? Mtn biking? Mountain school
    districts don't pay as much as perhaps the city but you'd
    have the perks of activities, beautiful mountains, smaller
    communities, and I know of 2 counties that do 4 day weeks
    (longer days)! (Fridays off and kids ski for PE)
    My idea of a more "laid back" approach to life is Southwest
    Colorado. Land is more flat, spread out. Friendly folks. They
    do have a mountain range too that enhances the view. Lots of
    fields and streams. I go to that area to get away for the
    weekend. Camping there is so relaxing!
    Denver and surrounding areas - you will find yourself
    getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.
    East Colorado and Southeast Colorado are big into ranching
    and farming. Small school districts, lower pay. Lots of land,
    wide open spaces.
    Don't know much about the Northern part of the state.
    Hope you follow your dreams. Change is good for people. Good
    luck with your adventures.

    On 9/13/07, Tasha wrote:
    > Hello Coloradoians,
    > I am very new to this chat board. As a matter of fact I
    > live in Florida and have never been to Colorado.
    > However, I have always wanted to
    > experience something new and different. I do not know my
    > way in colorado, safe areas to live and work, least
    > expensive,etc. Just to let you know I have my masters
    > degree in School Guidance and Counseling. I am a black
    > single female. I am very flexible and open to moving to
    > new places. I just do not know where to begin. Colorado
    > is so big but I just want to know where the safest places
    > to live are. I am very interested in trying out this
    > state. Any advice would be appreciated. I know Colorado
    > has so many counties and areas but I just want some advice.
    > Oh, I am also 31 years of age. I really enjoy suburban
    > neighborhoods. I do not mind working in the city but I
    > would want to come home to a quiet place. Colorado Springs?
    > Some say that is a nice place pretty safe but I just need
    > some guidance for myself right now. Thanks for all of your
    > help and please fill me up with some great advice, areas,
    > certification, salary-teacher, etc. You all are great!!!!
    > Tasha