Re: Core Knowledge Schools

    CO charter schools are big on core knowledge.....have you
    considered e-mailing some of these schools, or teachers at
    these schools directly with your request? You may get a
    bigger selection of responses. I believe Core Knowledge's
    website has a list of schools for each state. I would love
    to teach at a core knowledge, but never have.
    On 10/14/07, Mary Beth wrote:
    > Hi there
    > I am a graduate student (also doing my student teaching)
    > at the University of Southern Maine. I am doing a
    > presentation for one of my uni classes on E.D. Hirsch, Jr.
    > and would like to have some feedback from teachers who are
    > working at a Core Knowledge School.
    > If anyone would be so kind to give me some feedback -
    > positive or negative, and the reasons - of teaching the
    > Core Knowledge Curriculum, I would greatly appreciate it.
    > If you could please email me directly, and you can also
    > do it anonymously -- I will not quote you (unless you
    > I just would like to hear how this works out in *real*
    > Thank you,
    > Mary Beth