Re: Retirement
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    Hi Hope,
    Bradley is correct in that IF you have your 40 quarters in to
    Social Security, you qualify for Soc Sec BUT it will be
    reduced if you get PERA (Colorado Teacher Retirement). I just
    met with Soc Sec to ask this very question. I am almost at 40
    quarters. At my recent meeting, it was suggested to me that I
    go back and work to meet the 40 - not to earn more money at
    retirement but rather so I can get the Medicare B. With
    retirement, I'll get Medicare A but the B covers all the
    hospital expenses and most teachers who have only taught and
    no other jobs will be without this coverage. I know Louisiana
    has the same policy in that you get only the teacher's
    retirement. Arkansas allows you to collect both. My friend
    lives in a bordering town of Louisiana but works in Arkansas
    for this very reason. -dog

    On 10/14/07, Bradley wrote:
    > On 10/14/07, Hope wrote:
    >> I have a question and would appreciate any information.
    >> Does CO have a policy that prohibits receiving both a
    >> pension from your school district and social security? I
    >> am from CO and thinking about moving back.I became a
    >> teacher 3 years ago in Las Vegas after being a waitress
    >> for 30 years. I didn't do my homework and found that if I
    >> take retirement from the district they will reduce the
    >> meager sum I receive from S.S. This is dishearting, Is CO
    >> the same? Thanks for the info.
    > I believe that if you have previously held a job in which
    you contributed to Social
    > Security, you will receive SOME SSbenefits, based on the
    number of years you
    > worked and contributed, in addition to PERA.