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Hello all;

I am getting ready to start the Masters in Elementary
Education program at University of Phoenix. I desperately
need to work during school, hence the choice of U of P.
Before I give this place $16000 of money I really don't
have, I want to make sure that I can get hired.

Do you know of or are a teacher with a degree from U of P?
Have you (or your friends) had any problem getting a job -
due to the degree? Better yet, are you a principal that
has considered hiring teachers from U of P?

BTW, my BS degree is in Biology from a regular University...

Thank you for your time,
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Mark /blockquote>

I'm surprised you could get a job with that degree. I would never
hire someone with a degree from U of isn't anywhere
near the quality of a real degree from a real university.

On 3/20/08, It works wrote:
> I have the Masters from U of Phoenix and am heading into my 3rd
> year of t...See More
Mar 29, 2008
Jane /blockquote>

Go to CU-Denver...they have night classes. Lots of people
go at night while working AND it is cheaper than University
of Phoenix! CU-Denver is very respected, unlike Universtiy
of Phoenix. Don't waste your money.

On 12/04/07, Rebecca Young wrote:
> Hello all;
> I am getting ready t...See More
Mar 29, 2008
It Works /blockquote>

Well Mark, I'm glad you were not doing my interview. I also have my
undergraduate from Valparaiso University, a very highly ranked and
REAL University. Plus, a degree is very important but it is not the
bottom line. Can you do the job? Do you have the necessary skills?

The University of Phoenix was the ...See More
Apr 6, 2008
Mary /blockquote>

I, too, have an undergrad degree from a traditional school. A very
respected school at that. And, because we are a military family, I cannot
stay at a traditional University to earn my masters and credential. I
have always wanted to teach, so the degree program from U of P is the most
viable option. Mark, it is ...See More
Apr 15, 2008
It Works /blockquote>


You will be just fine. Believe it or not, many people did not question my
degree. They saw that I was "certified" to teach and asked me questions
suited for job requirements. Good luck with your program. I know it is a
lot of work since I have completed my degree. However, stick with it and
yo...See More
Apr 15, 2008

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