Re: University of Phoenix Masters degree

    Go to CU-Denver...they have night classes. Lots of people
    go at night while working AND it is cheaper than University
    of Phoenix! CU-Denver is very respected, unlike Universtiy
    of Phoenix. Don't waste your money.On 12/04/07, Rebecca Young wrote:
    > Hello all;
    > I am getting ready to start the Masters in Elementary
    > Education program at University of Phoenix. I desperately
    > need to work during school, hence the choice of U of P.
    > Before I give this place $16000 of money I really don't
    > have, I want to make sure that I can get hired.
    > Do you know of or are a teacher with a degree from U of P?
    > Have you (or your friends) had any problem getting a job -
    > due to the degree? Better yet, are you a principal that
    > has considered hiring teachers from U of P?
    > BTW, my BS degree is in Biology from a regular
    > Thank you for your time,
    > Rebecca