Re: University of Phoenix Masters degree
It Works

    Well Mark, I'm glad you were not doing my interview. I also have my
    undergraduate from Valparaiso University, a very highly ranked and
    REAL University. Plus, a degree is very important but it is not the
    bottom line. Can you do the job? Do you have the necessary skills?The University of Phoenix was the only way I could do it. I was
    working 40 hours a week and did not have the means to quit my job to
    go to a traditional college. It is what I had to do to become

    Regardless of what you learn in the classroom, it is the experience
    you get when you get your feet wet. Student Teaching is where you
    learn a lot. Yes, I will admit, the University of Phoenix is probably
    not the best place to go. However, Mark, you need to do your research
    into what the person has to bring to the table and the experiences he
    has gained. Would you not hire someone with 3 years of proven
    outstanding experience because of the degree he has received?

    On 3/29/08, Mark wrote:
    > I'm surprised you could get a job with that degree. I would never
    > hire someone with a degree from U of isn't anywhere
    > near the quality of a real degree from a real university.