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Hello all;

I am getting ready to start the Masters in Elementary Education program at University of Phoenix. I desperately need to work during school, hence the choice of U of P. Before I give this place $16000 of money I really don't have, I want to make sure that I can get hired.

Do you know of or are a teacher with a degree from U of P? Have you (or your friends) had any problem getting a job - due to the degree? Better yet, are you a principal that has considered hiring teachers from U of P?

BTW, my BS degree is in Biology from a regular University...

Thank you for your time, Rebecca
  • It Works /blockquote> Mary,You will be just fine. Believe it or not, many people did not question my degree. They saw that I was "certified" to teach and asked me questions suited for job requirements. Good luck with your program. I know it is...See More
    Apr 15, 2008 report post
  • Mary /blockquote> I, too, have an undergrad degree from a traditional school. A veryrespected school at that. And, because we are a military family, I cannotstay at a traditional University to earn my masters and credential. Ihave always wanted t...See More
    Apr 15, 2008 report post
  • It Works /blockquote> Well Mark, I'm glad you were not doing my interview. I also have my undergraduate from Valparaiso University, a very highly ranked and REAL University. Plus, a degree is very important but it is not the bottom line. Can you do...See More
    Apr 6, 2008 report post
  • Jane /blockquote> Go to CU-Denver...they have night classes. Lots of people go at night while working AND it is cheaper than University of Phoenix! CU-Denver is very respected, unlike Universtiy of Phoenix. Don't waste your money.On 12/04/07...See More
    Mar 29, 2008 report post
  • Mark /blockquote> I'm surprised you could get a job with that degree. I would never hire someone with a degree from U of isn't anywhere near the quality of a real degree from a real university.On 3/20/08, It works wrote: >...See More
    Mar 29, 2008 report post
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