Re: University of Phoenix Masters degree
It Works

    Mary,You will be just fine. Believe it or not, many people did not question my
    degree. They saw that I was "certified" to teach and asked me questions
    suited for job requirements. Good luck with your program. I know it is a
    lot of work since I have completed my degree. However, stick with it and
    you will be excited about your career as a teacher. I know I am.

    On 4/15/08, Mary wrote:
    > I, too, have an undergrad degree from a traditional school. A very
    > respected school at that. And, because we are a military family, I
    > stay at a traditional University to earn my masters and credential. I
    > have always wanted to teach, so the degree program from U of P is the
    > viable option. Mark, it is very discerning to hear some one speak so
    > defiantly about hiring some one based solely on where they earned their
    > degree as opposed to what they offer as a teacher. I am planning to
    > the U of P program next month and it will take 23 continuous months to
    > complete. Don't kid yourself that it is any easier than a traditional
    > University-it's simply a more technological format of learning. And, in
    > the 23 months I will be required to spend 100 hours in classrooms
    > observations as well as 12 weeks student teaching. I am determined to
    > earn my degree so that I can pursue the career that I really
    > want-teaching. If that means working my butt off to get a degree online,
    > that's what I'm going to do. I only hope that when I begin interviewing,
    > the interviewers are understanding and look beyond where I earned my MA,
    > to what I can offer their students.
    > On 4/06/08, It Works wrote:
    >> Well Mark, I'm glad you were not doing my interview. I also have my
    >> undergraduate from Valparaiso University, a very highly ranked and
    >> REAL University. Plus, a degree is very important but it is not the
    >> bottom line. Can you do the job? Do you have the necessary skills?
    >> The University of Phoenix was the only way I could do it. I was
    >> working 40 hours a week and did not have the means to quit my job to
    >> go to a traditional college. It is what I had to do to become
    >> certified.
    >> Regardless of what you learn in the classroom, it is the experience
    >> you get when you get your feet wet. Student Teaching is where you
    >> learn a lot. Yes, I will admit, the University of Phoenix is probably
    >> not the best place to go. However, Mark, you need to do your research
    >> into what the person has to bring to the table and the experiences he
    >> has gained. Would you not hire someone with 3 years of proven
    >> outstanding experience because of the degree he has received?
    >> On 3/29/08, Mark wrote:
    >>> I'm surprised you could get a job with that degree. I would never
    >>> hire someone with a degree from U of isn't anywhere
    >>> near the quality of a real degree from a real university.