Job realities? ESL vs. Foreign Language teaching?
Laura Bailey

    I've been seriously thinking about changing careers for
    some time and getting into high school teaching, but I
    don't know if I can afford it. I tought EFL in the Peace
    Corps so I do have enough experience to know I enjoy
    teaching. However, after reading some of the posts on this
    site, I'm feeling quite discouraged. There is no way I can
    afford to work part time subbing for year. Is it really
    that hard to find a teaching job in Colorado? What is the
    average wait time and how do people support themselves
    until they're hired? I can't imagine you can support
    yourself subsituting. Also what are the most competitive
    areas for high school teachers. I'm considering going for
    certification in either social studies, Foreign Language
    (Spanish) or ESL. I'm guessing it's fiercely competitive
    for foreign language teachers, but would like to confirm.
    Any advice would be appreciated!