Re: Teacher's Way of Life in Colorado
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    Michelle, I think the biggest headache you'll have is this: getting
    experience credit for your years teaching. Some district
    around Denver Metro will give up 6 - 8 years teaching
    credit. Douglas County will go as high as 12 for special
    educators - due to the shortage. Aurora Public Schools
    honored 22 years of teaching for my friend moving in from
    Indiana. That's impressive.

    You will find the mountain areas are beautiful places to
    live but the rural areas pay less. If you're looking for a
    larger city - again, you could go to Grand Junction,
    Colorado Springs, Denver Metro, Fort Collins, Durango. It's
    wide open here! If you could narrow the possibilities to
    what region you want to live this would help. Go to the
    state department of education website. Somewhere there, they
    have websites for all the school districts in the state.
    Once you decide where you're moving - then start checking
    out local districts. Most districts have a pay scale
    online too.

    Benefit packages are different with every district. Even
    retirement plans are different.

    Re-post when you decide on your region, perhaps someone
    could help with a specific district question. Keep in mind
    that all we have here are our personal opinions based on our
    experiences - whether bad or good. I personally have had a
    great experience when I moved here after 12 years in
    Louisiana and I love it here. I did not have a job before I
    moved here in June but got one by August. Reading previous
    posts, you'll see people who have strong opinions about
    various districts. Follow your hearts, dream big and don't
    let negative Tnetters discourage you.

    Colorado State Dep't of Ed