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Does anyone know if there really is a substantial
difference in salary between holding a Bachelors and a
Masters? I have a BA in Fine Art, looking to teach art, K-
8 or high school. Trying to decide if it's worth the time
and money to go ahead and get my Masters, or if I should
just spring for Licensure right now, since it sounds like
experience might be more valued than education level...? I
would love to start teaching this fall, but I'm not yet
certified and have 0 experience -- any advice? Perhaps I
should try charters? Thanks a mil!!
kmickie /blockquote>

I think it depends upon your area/district, but here (Eagle Co) it would be
beneficial to work on your master's while getting experience--in other words,
get the licensure, then job, then master's....
Feb 26, 2008
dog has bad ears /blockquote>

From a personal standpoint, I am so, SO very thankful I got
my Masters immediately after undergrad. I see some of my
colleagues try to work on it class by class as they juggle
work, family, bills, etc. I would encourage you to get your
Masters now.

Now from a payroll perspective - the district I wo...See More
Mar 2, 2008
Linz /blockquote>

That is quite a difference either way, isn't it? May I ask
what state you teach in? I'm really thinking about getting a
Masters now, while I have the time. Thanks for the input!

On 3/02/08, dog has bad ears wrote:
> From a personal standpoint, I am so, SO very thankful I got
> my Masters immed...See More
Mar 3, 2008
dog has bad ears /blockquote>

I'm in Colorado. Good luck with your degree!
Mar 6, 2008

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