Re: I need advice on a non-renewal vs. resignation
Been there

    Change in Principal put me in the same position. I was
    advised by veterian professionals to resign as Non-Renewals
    are published in Board minutes and available to other
    districts, etc. I was able to claim unemployment in CO since
    it was not my "fault" that I was non-renewed. My resignation
    only stated personnal reasons. I did not use that Principal as a reference (reasoning--Goals
    and Ideals did not match). I used current peer teachers,
    other former supervisiors and past Principal as references.
    Since my field is a bit limited, I did not find a new position
    until after the start of the following school year. New
    position is much better as I'm respected for my knowledge and
    much appreciated. FYI--others in my former building were
    choosing "sides" and either in the new Principals inside group
    that can do no wrong or on the outside and have to watch their
    backs. I just am very careful what I now say and who I talk
    to in my new building--distance is my defense so I can keep
    this job.

    I too have many years in my field and am respected for my
    experience and knowledge but not by those that want to bring
    in their own staff and replace the old....

    How have your evaluations been this year? You can always say
    that the position and staff didn't meet your expectations and
    leave it at that since you've only been there one year.
    Good Luck.

    On 3/29/08, Older & Wiser wrote:
    > I would look at it from a purely financial perspective. If
    > they don't renew you, I believe you could claim
    > unemployment. If you need the $,this is probably the best
    > avenue.
    > On the other hand, if $ is not a factor, I would take the
    > resign route. At least psychologically, you have the upper
    > hand with that alternative.
    > Since you have 14 years in the education field, it would
    > probably be too difficult to transition to another career.
    > However, I have seen teachers take marketing positions with
    > textbook and year book companies.
    > Don't let this course of events get you down, the education
    > field is broken in my opinion. But that is a topic for
    > another thread.
    > On 3/24/08, Carol wrote:
    >> I have been given the option of non-renewal or resignation
    >> by my principal. He refuses to give me specific reasons
    >> why. There are certain diffencencies in my teaching is all
    >> he will say. I have received a variety of pieces of advice
    >> anywhere from do not resign and fight it in front of the
    >> school board to choose another profession. I am a veteran
    >> teacher with 14 years experience and my first one in this
    >> district. Help!!! I am an excellent teacher with no black
    >> marks on my record.