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I have been given the option of non-renewal or resignation by my principal. He refuses to give me specific reasons why. There are certain diffencencies in my teaching is all he will say. I have received a variety of pieces of advice anywhere from do not resign and fight it in front of the school board to choose another profession. I am a veteran teacher with 14 years experience and my first one in this district. Help!!! I am an excellent teacher with no black marks on my record.
  • Been there /blockquote> Change in Principal put me in the same position. I was advised by veterian professionals to resign as Non-Renewals are published in Board minutes and available to other districts, etc. I was able to claim unemployment in CO since...See More
    Mar 31, 2008
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  • Older & Wiser /blockquote> I would look at it from a purely financial perspective. If they don't renew you, I believe you could claim unemployment. If you need the $,this is probably the best avenue.On the other hand, if $ is not a factor, I would tak...See More
    Mar 29, 2008
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