I have never met anyone that had a job in San Diego that wasn't treated like
    crap. It is the culture there and the reason why so many people come and go
    every couple years. It is one big greed fest where the people with all the
    money enslave the others. I hate it there and am happy to be gone. What do
    you do now?
    On 4/29/08, To TC from Rodeo wrote:
    > I was badly treated at every job I had in San Diego, too. I lived there
    > for 10 years. But I never put it together that it was San Diego. I just
    > thought I hadn't found a good job yet and that being an employee
    > generally lends itself to being treated like an indentured servant. I
    > have been working in a small town in Arizona for the last almost year
    > and have been much happier with my working conditions here. But this
    > town is grateful to get workers. Maybe it was just San Diego that was
    > the problem. It would be nice to be independently employed or the owner
    > or boss in San Diego.
    > On 4/28/08, tc wrote:
    >> It is a nice place to visit but a miserable place to live. I was
    > treated
    >> really poorly in every single job I had there. Plus, they worked you
    >> like a rat. The greed is insane in that town and the people controlling
    >> the wealth exploit labor something awful there. I am so happy to be out
    >> of there.
    >> On 4/27/08, To TC from Rodeo wrote:
    >>> You might be right about San Diego. It could be because San Diego
    >>> always has a big supply of most workers. There are plenty of workers
    >>> for low skill jobs because of the huge number of illegal immigrants
    >>> in San Diego and he large number of young people who move there for
    >>> the beach. And there are a lot of colleges and universities there so
    >>> there is also a large, continual supply of high skill workers also
    >>> with degrees in everything from English to engineering.
    >>> San Diego is really an employer's market. That probably does create
    >>> a general attitude of power by the people in power over hiring and
    >>> management and such.