Rodeo to TC

    Well TC,I moved to this little crap town in Arizona that has one library but two
    strip clubs, no museums except for the prison, very few black people but
    lots of ignorant, poorly educated whites, hispanics, and illegal mexicans.
    The schools here are ALL very low-performing. This place makes the Dukes of
    Hazard look like a show about blue blood country club people. One of the
    local school mascots is The Criminals, which seems appropriate considering
    the local demographic and the student body.

    Well, I have a very low esteem type of job here. I don't want to say because
    a lot of people on this board are very judgmental about what kind of job
    someone has. They think that teachers, lawyers, doctors, peace corps
    workers, etc. can be proud of their jobs and janitors or whatever should be
    ashamed. But I don't care for myself about the esteem part of a job. I care
    about how much I am paid and how much free time I have and how much stress I

    I miss all of the great restaurants, museums, book stores, libraries,
    stores, and grocery stores in San Diego. But I do not miss working there.

    And I have a great boyfriend now. He is so nice to me. I mean I moved to
    this one horse hitch hole and met the love of my life. And he is highly
    educated. Weird. I had trouble meeting a very intelligent, educated man in
    San Diego, which is full of universities but met him here in this
    intellectual waste land. I am so lucky! That is another thing about San
    Diego, in general the men treat women like crap in San Diego. There are few
    women in this town that don't have a very high volume to surface area ratio
    if you know what I mean so if you are not morbidly obese, some man here is
    going to be pretty grateful to have you.