Re: I want a chance to teach

    I am from Colorado. The educational system in Colorado is much
    better than here in California. And the average individual in
    Colorado is much better educated than the average individual
    in California. There is no reason for anyone in Colorado to be
    impressed by a California credential or California teaching
    experience. Having experienced both places, if I were a
    principal I would not want to hire a California teacher
    because I would be afraid that they would be infected with the
    many attitudes that make many California schools such
    failures. No offense to you. I am not saying YOU are a bad
    teacher. I am just saying that since I wouldn't know you, I
    wouldn't want to take the gamble that you would be different
    than the other people from California. I think states like
    Nevada and Arizona, Texas and New Mexico would be impressed by
    a California credential and do not have worse schools than
    California. But Colorado is just better than they are when it
    comes to the schools (not Denver though, Denver schools are
    pretty bad like urban schools in California but someone would
    have to be nuts to want to teach in the Denver schools.
    However, the schools in the suburbs of Denver especially South
    in Littleton and Cherry Creek are very good).