Re: I want a chance to teach

    replace worse with better below. sorry.
    On 4/30/08, Rodeo wrote:
    > I am from Colorado. The educational system in Colorado is much
    > better than here in California. And the average individual in
    > Colorado is much better educated than the average individual
    > in California. There is no reason for anyone in Colorado to be
    > impressed by a California credential or California teaching
    > experience. Having experienced both places, if I were a
    > principal I would not want to hire a California teacher
    > because I would be afraid that they would be infected with the
    > many attitudes that make many California schools such
    > failures. No offense to you. I am not saying YOU are a bad
    > teacher. I am just saying that since I wouldn't know you, I
    > wouldn't want to take the gamble that you would be different
    > than the other people from California. I think states like
    > Nevada and Arizona, Texas and New Mexico would be impressed by
    > a California credential and do not have worse schools than
    > California. But Colorado is just better than they are when it
    > comes to the schools (not Denver though, Denver schools are
    > pretty bad like urban schools in California but someone would
    > have to be nuts to want to teach in the Denver schools.
    > However, the schools in the suburbs of Denver especially South
    > in Littleton and Cherry Creek are very good).