Re: I want a chance to teach

    I went 3-12 and college in Colorado. I did masters classes, teaching
    credential, and community college classes for fun in California.I taught in California schools and and observed in many different
    classes. You are right that the classes in the high-performing
    schools did more resemble the schools I attended.

    But I also noticed that group work was really shoved down my throat
    in my teaching practicum courses and there seems to be a disregard
    in the state for high academic standards.

    I don't know how Colorado may have changed in the last 15 years
    since I have been gone but I know a lot of Californians flooded
    California in that time. Coloradoans back in the day tended to be
    well-educated so it may be that Californians who moved there may
    have suffered in comparison.

    As a Coloradoan, I and my peers tended to think of Californians as
    slightly shallow thinkers. Sorry to tell you this. I guess it is the
    beach culture along the more populated coastal area, breast
    implants, uncritical acceptance of politically correct ideology,
    pandering to minority groups, etc. And it is a general rule of thumb
    in the United States that educational attainment improves as you
    move East and North. Not hard and fast but still... A high-
    performing suburb in Pittsburgh will probably outperform a high-
    performing suburb in Denver, which will outperform a high-performing
    suburb in San Diego.

    I don't know if it is fair or not. But if there are highly qualified
    teachers to be had with Colorado teaching credentials, why hire
    someone with a California credential?