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I went to college in Southern California where they told
us that many states love to have teachers who are
credentialed in CA. Is Colorado not one of them? I don't
have contract experience but I have four long terms under
my belt, and three were for 6 months. There were no jobs
in So Cal so my fiancee and I moved here to Loveland, CO
for a new start and fresh teaching opportunites here. I've
probably applied for 20 jobs within the last month.
Everytime I see a posting, I put in my interest and have
had no calls for interviews. Does anyone have any
advise? I have a great resume, but not the contract
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Your reflection is telling... You MUST look in the mirror as your writing those frightening words! LOL! ;-)

On 9/13/08, Rodeo wrote: > Gee old timer and Pig with lipstick, etcetera, we would love to > judge you on your previous posts except that you never, ever > posted under those names before. > > Who else uses that tactic of hiding under covers...uh, ...See More
Sep 13, 2008
Oops ;-) Before you jump on my grammar as you have done with everyone else's...

I should have written...YOU'RE writing.... ;-)

On 9/13/08, Your reflection is telling... wrote: > You MUST look in the mirror as your writing those frightening words! > LOL! ;-) > > On 9/13/08, Rodeo wrote: >> Gee old timer and Pig with lipsti...See More
Sep 13, 2008
479 My response to this is that you probably (if you have not already) put in to have the CDE evaluate your transcripts (which typically takes six months) and then be "credentialed" to teach in Colorado at least temporarily.

If you have already done this, than my input would be to register to sub (probably two months for the CDE to review you...See More
Aug 27, 2010
479 This is true, as I've said in other posts. The middle-class is on the run for their lives. If you still own a home and aren't a millionaire, you're very blessed. If you have a job with benefits and can get decent medical care when you need it, it's a miracle. The schools are trying to figure out whether or not things will get worse (and they will, ...See More
Aug 27, 2010
Answers Your advice is sound. While this school year is very tough in terms of jobs, the 2011-2012 school year will be worse as tax revenues are already falling below projections.

You do need to get to know people. Here are two examples:

1) A teacher goes out on maternity leave for a couple of months. An education student from a local col...See More
Aug 28, 2010

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