Is there anyone who likes their teaching job?

    I know there are going to be some people who get upset no
    matter what I say, but here goes anyway. I have wanted to
    teach since I was sixteen years old and started tutoring
    high school students. I ended up majoring in science at
    university and got high paying lab jobs, instead of
    teaching. I am now going back to school (at night) to
    finally teach. The only messages I seem to be hearing from teachers, on
    this board and others is how much they hate their job. I
    spoke about this phenomenon to the local school district
    hiring manager (and this is the point that is going to
    upset people) and he told me, "since most teachers haven't
    held another job, they don't know what it is like in the
    real world and think they are working too much". Before I
    get really flamed, I should mention that I work 50+ hours
    a week, 6 days a week at my lab job. I make twice as much
    as the average teacher, but I also never see my kids and
    would love to have summers off.

    So, please someone tell me that they like their job. I am
    really getting discourage at all the whiners and really
    rude people on this (and other) boards.

    Please don't make any rude comments, just plain honest
    answers. If you are upset by my posting, I am sorry.