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I know there are going to be some people who get upset no
matter what I say, but here goes anyway. I have wanted to
teach since I was sixteen years old and started tutoring
high school students. I ended up majoring in science at
university and got high paying lab jobs, instead of
teaching. I am now going back to school (at night) to
finally teach.

The only messages I seem to be hearing from teachers, on
this board and others is how much they hate their job. I
spoke about this phenomenon to the local school district
hiring manager (and this is the point that is going to
upset people) and he told me, "since most teachers haven't
held another job, they don't know what it is like in the
real world and think they are working too much". Before I
get really flamed, I should mention that I work 50+ hours
a week, 6 days a week at my lab job. I make twice as much
as the average teacher, but I also neve...See More
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do it /blockquote>

I did not mean experienced as teachers, I meant experienced in
life...having held other jobs because that was what the hiring manager
was complaining about.

I still don't buy it though that all of the unhappy teachers are just
malcontents. You younguns are too young to remember that book the
Happy ...See More
May 4, 2008
Debbie /blockquote>

Things are so bad now versus even 10 years ago. Students come to school
with bad attitudes and lousy values. I would not recommend teaching to
anyone. It is a horribly hard job with long hours, bad pay and no
support. If I had another field I could go into I would. Right now, I
feel stuck. The economy is not goo...See More
May 6, 2008
Old enough to know some things /blockquote>

As with all things in life there are many sides to every
subject. Many of us that entered Education, have never
really worked in another field so have no other options.

I student taught in the middle '70's but only was hired full-
time ten years ago. I was able to work part-time while my ...See More
May 9, 2008
christina /blockquote>

Don't get discouraged...I absolutely love my job. i teach the
little ones and yes some days are frustrating but more ofter
there are good days. If you show the kids that you are excited
about what you are going to teach them they will get excited
too. You set the tone for learning and attitudes in the class.
...See More
May 9, 2008
Brenda /blockquote>

I love my teaching position. I am 56 and am working on my
dissertation for my EdD. This will be my 10th year of teaching.
There are times that are frustrating but the rewards of knowing that
you are training the future leaders of tomorrow, to me makes a big
difference. More children are coming fr...See More
Jun 7, 2008

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