Re: Is there anyone who likes their teaching job?

    There are good days and bad days. I teach in a Title 1 school, so it can be difficult. You
    have already heard about the unruly kids, unsupportive parents, lousy pay, lack of support
    from above, long hours, testing, testing, testing, etc... I am a retired vet. I teach the fifth
    grade. I began work as a teacher at 45. With this, I have a clear advantage over all of the
    younger teachers. My life experience offers my kids things they have never seen or heard.
    Everyday they learn some little nugget of information that they may have never hear until
    they are adults. These are the magic moments, and if everyday went like this, I would
    really love the job. I am out for the summer in two weeks. This is one of the best aspects
    of teaching. Although I do not use the school benefits (I use my wife's), the benefits are
    outstanding. Again, the pay really sucks, and if it weren't for my wife bringing in some
    extra income, I could not do this. If you are ready to take on undisciplined kids and don't
    mind the small paycheck, go for it!On 5/04/08, Allison wrote:
    > Wow, thanks everyone for your honest answers. This is exactly what
    > I was looking for.
    > I spoke with the hiring manager before I started school because I
    > wanted to make sure that he would hire a new 40ish teacher. He
    > actually told me that 10 years ago he probably would not have
    > considered it, but experience has taught him that the older
    > teachers that come from industry tend to stay longer and, just
    > like the math guy, use their real world experience in the
    > classroom.
    > I would like to hear more, so if anyone else has anything
    > constructive to add I would really appreciate it.
    > Thanks everyone,
    > Allison