Re: Is there anyone who likes their teaching job?
do it

    I did not mean experienced as teachers, I meant experienced in
    life...having held other jobs because that was what the hiring manager
    was complaining about. I still don't buy it though that all of the unhappy teachers are just
    malcontents. You younguns are too young to remember that book the
    Happy Hook r from the 70's. I was just a kid but I remember thinking
    even then, 'to each their own but I doubt that job makes very many
    women happy.' Even in grade school I wasn't easy to pull a fast one

    Yes, I think there are some happy teachers. I think how many happy
    teachers depends on the district, the school, and the subject area. I
    think it is a roll of the dice.

    Instead of completely discounting either the happy teachers or the
    miserable ones, I would try to figure out what the conditions are that
    might be affecting their experience and try to obtain good conditions
    for myself.