Re: Is there anyone who likes their teaching job?

    I love my teaching position. I am 56 and am working on my
    dissertation for my EdD. This will be my 10th year of teaching.
    There are times that are frustrating but the rewards of knowing that
    you are training the future leaders of tomorrow, to me makes a big
    difference. More children are coming from latch-key homes, parents
    working two and three jobs and I find that children just want to
    know that you care about them and want them to be successful.
    Teaching is not an eight hour job. Teaching is not the most high
    paying position by far but to know that you are making a difference
    is so important. The greatest reward comes when former students come
    walking through the door and thank you for what you did to help them.Good luck in your teaching endeavors.


    On 5/04/08, Allison wrote:
    > Wow, thanks everyone for your honest answers. This is exactly what
    > I was looking for.
    > I spoke with the hiring manager before I started school because I
    > wanted to make sure that he would hire a new 40ish teacher. He
    > actually told me that 10 years ago he probably would not have
    > considered it, but experience has taught him that the older
    > teachers that come from industry tend to stay longer and, just
    > like the math guy, use their real world experience in the
    > classroom.
    > I would like to hear more, so if anyone else has anything
    > constructive to add I would really appreciate it.
    > Thanks everyone,
    > Allison