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We are a gay male couple expecting two daugthers next
spring. We live in the Caribbean (Dec/Jan/Feb), Buenos
AIres (Oct/Nov and March/Apr) and Canada from May to Sept.

We have planned on homeschooling but we are wondering if
this type of position would interest anyone...

We will be looking for a private teacher for homeschooling
our daugthers that would travel with us -ideally you would
be Canadian or allow to work in Canada although we could
work ou the immigration component. We would prefer
someone with language skills covering some of French,
Spanish and Italian although most of the schooling will be
in English. We want someone who has taught in one of the
top private school as well as someone who is able to use
the latest technology in her teaching. We do prefer a
woman as our daugthers need role models. The position
will initially be a one year contract but we are looking
to renew po...See More
S. B. /blockquote>

Ooops! I thought this was a north American forum.
May 28, 2008
What a shame! /blockquote>

Why are you even trying to be "parents?" Your priorities are obviously elsewhere.
Children need stability in their lives. Making them move around is just cruel.
What about their friends? And then boarding school? Why do you want children?
Are they just accessories to you?

On 5/28/08, S. B. wrote:
&g...See More
May 28, 2008

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