Social Studies Teachers in Colorado

    I've lurked on this board for a while, actually ever since
    I moved out here from New York. I have my bachelor's in
    Social Studies Education from NYU, did my work experience
    in New York City Public Schools as well as in suburban
    schools in the NY Metro Area. After graduation, I moved
    out to CO with degree in hand, work experience in resume,
    and CDE certificate. It's been a year, and still I have no
    teaching job.I'm aware of the fact that there's hundreds of others just
    like me, especially in SS/Humanities where candidates are a
    dime a dozen. I've done a few substituting jobs here and
    there, been to more fairs than I can count, and have had a
    total of 3 interviews in one year. Disheartening, yes, but
    it makes me question what I'm doing wrong.

    Having the diverse background, having experience with both
    urban and suburban students from many different
    backgrounds, and using every methodology in the book I
    thought would be enough for me to at least get phone
    calls. It hasn't happened yet, and I'm wondering why.

    Is it because SS teachers are a dime a dozen, and where I
    got my degree from really doesn't mean anything? Is it
    because I went someplace where I have very few networking
    avenues? Am I saying the wrong things in the packets? Do
    I follow up the correct way?