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  • M.R. /blockquote> I echo the frustration. I have started to look for a job for next school year and have a M.Ed from the University of Florida, 3 years out-of-state teaching experience (all three years I sponsored NHD and my students were STATE CHA...See More
    Jun 11, 2008 report post
  • Ann J /blockquote> On 5/30/08, You don't know the answer, really? wrote: > Do you know what subject every high school sports coach gets > his credential in if it isn't P.E.?> > Have you heard of supply and demand? Call some cred...See More
    Jun 3, 2008 report post
  • Ann J /blockquote> Yes, there are many people with your degree looking for a teaching job - hard to find! Also, while I am sure that NYU is a good school and all that, there are many people here from equally good schools in Colorado and from other...See More
    Jun 3, 2008 report post
  • And the same news from Colorado... /blockquote> Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Cora Zaletel April 4, 2007 Executive Director, Development and Communications (719) 549-2810 Colorado State University – Pueblo hosts Teacher Education Fair on April 12 P...See More
    May 30, 2008 report post
  • Miami says too many of you too! /blockquote> This from Miami University social science education webpage:This major prepares you to teach any course offered in the social stuides department of a junior or senior high school (grades 7–12). Currently there is a nationwide SUR...See More
    May 30, 2008 report post
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