Re: Social Studies Teachers in Colorado
surplus facts

    The social science education department at North Dakota State
    University tells it straight out to their students or
    potential students on their website:Certification
    Upon completing this program, students are eligible for
    certification to teach social science in most states. The
    program is accredited by the National Council for
    Accreditation of Teacher Education.

    Career Opportunities
    There has been a surplus of social science teachers across the
    country for the past several years. It has been predicted that
    the surplus will continue. Students who elect to major in
    social science education should consider obtaining a second
    major or a teachable minor to enhance their employment
    prospects. In addition, students in social science education
    are encouraged to seek volunteer and employment experiences
    that complement their education. Summer or after-school work
    with special needs students, high school or middle school
    student activities, or other human service activities can
    provide the candidate valuable experience with children and