Re: Social Studies Teachers in Colorado
there's even too many of you in Canada!

    Provinces warn of 'critical' teacher surplus
    Nova Scotia and Ontario have too many English, social studies
    teachers while there aren't enough in math, French
    Janice Tibbetts, Canwest News Service
    Published: Friday, February 01, 2008
    Education faculties should put out the word that there is an
    oversupply of public-school teachers in some parts of Canada and
    students hoping to land a dream job teaching English or social
    studies in urban areas should "give their head a shake," says
    the president of the Canadian Teachers Federation.Emily Noble's warning comes after a new Nova Scotia report
    detailed a "critical" overabundance of teacher graduates in the
    province and the Ontario College of Teachers published an
    article in the current issue of its in-house magazine about a
    dire situation in the province, which is expected to continue
    for years.

    "If you're talking pure numbers, in terms of graduates out of
    teachers college and positions available, the numbers may lend
    themselves to an oversupply nationally," Noble said in an
    interview. "However, there are significant areas where there is
    a lack of teachers."

    Despite surpluses in some parts of the country, there is still a
    general shortage of teachers for French, technology, science and
    math, she said. Teachers also remain in short supply in rural
    and northern areas, as well as in aboriginal communities.