Re: Social Studies Teachers in Colorado
Ann J

    On 5/30/08, You don't know the answer, really? wrote:
    > Do you know what subject every high school sports coach gets
    > his credential in if it isn't P.E.?
    > Have you heard of supply and demand? Call some credential
    > programs and ask them what subject most of their students
    > are trying to earn their credential in. I wonder if the
    > states post the number of credential holders of different
    > subjects. What do you think those numbers would look like
    > for history relative to other secondary subjects...
    > Add a credential in math. You'll have a job within the month..... and we wonder why kids complain about Math teachers! If
    this is the high school trend, it is frightening because many
    people stay away from Math in college because they can't do it!