Re: The facts for those who want to be PC
california teacher

    Comparing the demographics of Colorado to California is like comparing
    apples and oranges. For example, I am a teacher in Californa. I teach
    an ELD 7th grade science class. In my class, I have about 15 students
    who are native Korean Speakers, 10 native spanish speakers, 5 Chinese
    speakers, 2 Vietnamese and 1 student who speaks Portuguese. My school
    is located in an upper middle class neighborhood of Orange County where
    the median house price is about 600K. Now how many schools in Colorado
    have a demographic make-up similar to my school. Not many. Now if I go
    to our neighbor school about 4 miles down the road, the school is 95
    percent hispanic with a high ELD population on free and reduce lunch.
    Now when I was in college in Southern California, all of my friends who
    were from Colorado were from white upper middle class families. When
    Colorado starts putting minorities and white students from the lower
    socioeconimic backgrounds into college, then they can start talking
    about how greate their state is at education. On 6/10/08, Rodeo--no facts in evidence for Co Teacher and ali wrote:
    > Get a Life,
    > How pathetic is it that Ali and Co Teacher always have to resort to
    > unsubstantiated slurs alleging bigotry, stupidity, lack of teaching
    > ability etcetera as their form of argument. It seems neither of them
    > want to just discuss or argue the facts. This is testament enough of
    > the weakness of their argument isn't it. Apparently, they are unable
    > to make an argument based in fact since the facts are not on their
    > side.
    > What a couple of sorry losers.