Re: ...and one more thing

    RE: ACT Scores, CA 15, CO 43.You could claim that fewer students in California take the ACT which would
    skew the results. However, since the SAT numbers cited here do NOT include
    the percentage of students who take the SAT in either state, I could say the
    same thing about that piece of evidence. Quick question (I'll look it up and
    post it if I find an answer): how many Colorado students take the test free of
    charge, i.e. subsidized by the state?

    I applaud you, Get a Life, for locating verifiable data. While inconclusive,
    you made a step in the right direction towards civilized debate. However, all
    in all, you three would be better served if you stopped hurling insults.
    Personal attacks are the weapon of the weak.

    For myriad reasons (see my post, "A Logical Response"), one state's
    educational superiority cannot be established. It's impossible, until/unless
    we as a nation adopt national standards and a test that measures them.

    If you have other ideas as to how we can quantify the effectiveness of public
    education, I'm all ears.

    You're entitled to your belief. Just don't act like it's unassailable when you
    can only find one data point to support it, relying the rest of the time on ad
    hominem attacks to prove you're "right."

    On 6/10/08, Ali wrote:
    > From the same site:
    > 00923.hcsp
    > Average ACT Scores
    > California: 15
    > Colorado: 43
    > No excuses, now, children, or I'll shout you down the way you do to everyone
    > else.