Re: Praxis II General Science Test

    On 2/07/09, Deb Jaggard wrote:
    > On 12/17/08, Lee wrote:
    >> Hello- I was just wondering from anyone who has taken the
    >> Praxis II general science exam what kind of format to
    >> expect from the questions (in particular the physics ones,
    >> but any feedback is appreciated). I understand it is
    >> multiple choice. With the questions involving calculations,
    >> will formulas be given for the problems or is it worth my
    >> time to memorize them? I am just trying to get an idea of
    >> how in depth into each subject I should go during my
    >> studying. Thanks for any input!
    > Lee, I have not taken Praxis II science, but am interested in
    > learning more about preparation for the test, also as well as
    > the answers to your questions. I took the Colorado state
    > assessment (PLACE) for Secondary Science recently and did not
    > pass, even though I have 20+ credits in the sciences in
    > college coursework. Based upon the info I got from the test
    > publishers (a mini-report after the exam that shows how you
    > did in subareas of the test) and my experience, I think I
    > ultimately had trouble because I did not have any college
    > courses specifically in Earth Science. I felt OK about most
    > of the Bio and Chem. But I used a Praxis II prep book and I
    > suspect that the Praxis II may have a wider diversity in the
    > content of its questions, assuming the test booklet I used is
    > actually representative of the content that is on the test.
    > For me personally, I wish I'd had more exposure to more Earth
    > Science content.

    For Deb and anyone else taking the Praxis II General Science- I
    got my results back today and it turns out that I did quite well
    and passed. One thing that people should realize is that there
    are no calculators on the test. I actually thought this was
    beneficial because it meant that any math that had to be done
    was relatively simple. As far as studying materials, I did not
    buy the Praxis book because it was a bit pricey. What I did do
    is get the Cliff Notes review books for Chemistry, Physics,
    Earth Science, and Biology. If you can read over those and feel
    comfortable with most of the material you will do fine. Most of
    the questions are not very in depth and only require knowing
    basic principles of a certain field. Good Luck